Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for BUYING a car registration through Plate Perfection

These terms and conditions apply to all business transactions carried out by Plate Perfection. Your statutory rights are not affected

All registrations are sold subject to availability, Plate Perfection cannot be held responsible for a registration that ceases to be available for whatever reason. In such cases any payment made by the purchaser will be refunded in full, provided the failure is through no fault of the purchaser. Plate Perfection liability is strictly limited to a refund only, no claims for damages, interest or expenses will be accepted

Any deposit taken to reserve a registration is non-refundable unless we fail to secure or transfer your registration at no blame to yourself. Any outstanding balance must be paid within 2 weeks. It is the customers responsibility to supply all documents requested within 4 weeks of purchase. If you cannot supply your vehicle documents in this timescale please call to discuss before purchasing.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all the correct details are entered onto Plate Perfection internet forms and submitted. A Plate Perfection representative shall use standard phonetics to refer to combinations requested by the purchaser.

Under the terms of the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 section 13(c) our service begins immediately upon receiving an order from the customer, subsequently there is NO COOLING OFF PERIOD WHATSOEVER, the transaction CANNOT be reversed, cancelled or exchanged and no refund can be given either in part or full, it therefore follows that you should not agree to purchase.

Registration numbers must be displayed correctly. To miss-space or miss-represent your letters and numbers in a way is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971. Subsequently all registration marks sold by the Company are sold on the understanding that they will be displayed in accordance with Section 17 of the Road Vehicles RegulationsAct 1971.

Plate Perfection do not in anyway endorse the use of 'Show Plates' which are not road legal. Plate Perfection will not honour any claim made by a purchaser displaying 'show plates' on their vehicle. A 'show plate' is defined as a registration plate made up that displays characters not correctly spaced.

Plate Perfection accept no responsibility with regard to the expiry of Retention Certificates or Certificates of Entitlement that are supplied to you the purchaser. We will endeavour to give notification where possible and will give assistance in certificate extension so long as a £60.00 fee is paid to Plate Perfection.

A 'Nominee' named on a Retention Certificate/Certificate of Entitlement has no legal ownership of the registration mark until it is assigned to their vehicle.

All transfers will be carried out as quickly as possible; we cannot guarantee specific times for completed transfers. We cannot be held responsible for postal delay, DVLA delays or any other unforeseen circumstances. We aim to have your retention certificate delivered to you within 21 days, however in some special cases a registration mark may take up to 13 weeks to transfer from a donor vehicle (this is usually the case for registrations that are on donor vehicles that are without a valid MOT - and the time needed to prepare a vehicle for a MOT Test)

In some circumstances, we may need to transfer your chosen registration directly to your vehicle, instead of supplying you with a Retention Certificate/Certificate of Entitlement. This will usually be the case when the registration being purchased is being sold on behalf of an agency/commission sale where the registration is still held on the donors car. We will advise of this procedure if it arises. Plate Perfection will carry out all of the transfer paperwork involved.

All registrations are subject to the Department of Transport transfer fee and most are subject to VAT at the current government rate Your new registration should not be displayed until you are notified by Plate Perfection or you receive your new V5C in the post.

It is your responsibility to display the registration in accordance with current government regulations. Registrations cannot be purchased/used to make a vehicle look younger than it actually is. You can make your vehicle look as old as you wish.

If you purchase a registration that is too new for your current vehicle Plate Perfection accept no responsibility and will offer no refund or exchange. For example, you cannot put a 'P' prefix registration on an 'M' plate registered vehicle. Any doubts, enquire before purchasing.

Our computer database has millions of registration numbers online. We endeavour to show correct prices but in the event of errors no money will be taken or accepted without prior consultation with the customer. In these circumstances the sale will not proceed.

Plate Perfection is a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS). Registration number SID 51617. When a set of number plates is ordered without purchasing a cherished number we will request proof of address and entitlement to the registration number. Number plates ordered cannot be cancelled or changed after the time of ordering as these are custom made and mistakes cannot be rectified at a later date. We endeavour to deliver a set of number plates within 7 working days

By registering your details with Plate Perfection you are granting us permission to contact you for the purpose of marketing our company, until you specifically request to be removed from our mailing database. This covers email addresses supplied when signing up for our newsletter, requesting a valuation or purchasing a registration.

Terms and Conditions for SELLING a car registration through Plate Perfection The Seller of the registration mark appoints Plate Perfection to advertise and sell the right to transfer this registration mark to a buyer that Plate Perfection shall find.

By agreeing to these terms it is confirmation that you wish Plate Perfection to advertise and sell the registration mark.

A Buyer is confirmed as found, once Plate Perfection have received a part payment from an intending Purchaser of the mark.

Completion of the sale is reached when Plate Perfection is notified of the replacement mark being issued on the new V5C. Once the sale is complete, the payment amount agreed in the quotation, or any lower offer agreed, will be paid to the Seller.

Once we have sold your registration, you will be issued with a new age related registration for your vehicle. Once you are in receipt of your new V5C with your replacement registration, please send a copy of this to our office. If we have transferred your registration onto a DVLA retention certificate, you will need to send this to our office for verification. We will then issue you with your payment cheque.

No payments are made under any circumstances until we are in receipt of either a copy of your new V5C or the original DVLA V750/V778 retention certificate.

This contract is valid indefinitely and must be cancelled by the Seller in writing -if you do not send a cancellation request by recorded delivery you must call or email Plate Perfection for receipt of this request, we will then issue you with the cancellation code. If for any reason the mark is no longer available for sale due to the vehicle carrying the mark being destroyed, stolen or sold, or if the seller wishes to withdraw the mark from sale, the seller must inform us immediately.

Once Plate Perfection has received confirmation of cancellation, the Seller will incur no costs whatsoever. A Seller may only withdraw their registration mark from sale provided that Plate Perfection has not already found a suitable buyer and taken a part payment deposit. In this case, if a Seller withdraws their registration from sale for any reason, they will be liable to pay Plate Perfection loss of commission and costs. Our loss of commission is the difference between the selling price and the price agreed that we will be returning you once sold.

The donor vehicle (the vehicle with the mark that is being sold) must be taxed and have a valid MOT if applicable. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure the vehicle has a valid MOT and Tax disc.

The Seller is responsible for presenting the donor vehicle to their Department of Transport's Local Licensing Office, if so required, at their own expense.

It is the Sellers responsibility to return all valid paperwork to Plate Perfection, including Current V5C and MOT Certificate, if applicable, as requested during the sale within a maximum of one week of notification of a sale.

Plate Perfection is responsible for the administering of the documentation required to transfer the registration mark. Plate Perfection will NOT be liable for any losses caused due to any delay other than on the part of Plate Perfection. In the unlikely event the DVLA revokes the right to a registration mark, Plate Perfection will not be liable for any damages; interest or other expense incurred.

If the Seller is holding the registration mark on a Retention/Entitlement Certificate, the Seller must provide Plate Perfection with the un-expired certificate to be sent to the DVLA for amendment.

By registering your details with Plate Perfection you are granting us permission to contact you for the purpose of marketing our company, until you specifically request to be removed from our mailing database. This covers email addresses supplied when signing up for our newsletter, requesting a valuation or purchasing a registration.